Royalty Free Icons
for Commercial Use
by Sergey Furtaev


23 selected icons

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Vector icon of running male person
Running man
Vector icon of classic rotary telephone
Duplicate vector icon
Vector icon of smartphone in hand
Phone in hand
Vector icon of religious jewish man with sidelocks wearing hat
Orthodox jew
Vector icon of electric lamp with young shoots growing up inside
Ecology light bulb
Vector icon of two male profiles with headsets
Growth vector icon
Vector icon of wireless signal going from smart watch on hand
Smartwatch on hand
Vector icon of clapping hands with motion lines around them
Vector icon of smart watch
Touching hand vector icon
Touching hand
Vector icon of mobile phone in hand
Phablet in hand
Man showing presentation vector icon
Man showing presentation
Fast food vector icon
Fast food
Vector icon of fork and knife as hands of alarm clock
Lunch time
Vector icon of scissors on cutting line of male profile with mohawk hairstyle
Goodbye youth
Opening ribbon vector icon
Opening ribbon
Vector icon of hot coffee cup near laptop with social media page on screen
Vector icon of eye looking through keyhole
Spy eye
DJ vector icon
Vector icon of raised index finger with reminder knot
Students in classroom vector icon
Students in classroom